Under the Yoke (Burning the Brushwood)

Today we are mixing:

  • The Painting: “Under the Yoke (Burning the Brushwood)” (1893) by Eero Järnefelt
  • The Soundtrack: “In Memoriam” by Trevor Jones (“From Hell” Soundtrack)

About the Painting

The painting depicts an old method of agriculture. Burning existing vegetation used to be a common method for making soil fertile for cultivation. The picture, which Järnefelt partly painted outdoors, shows peasants toiling at a slash-andburn site in Savo. Later the artist also used photographs he had taken of people and landscapes as reference. One of the photos was of Johanna Kokkonen, a 14-year-old girl who participated in the burning; she served as the model for the little girl in the painting. The title of the painting is an allusion to a line in the Kalevala about a little maid servant.

Erik (Eero) Nikolai Järnefelt (8 November 1863 in Vyborg – 15 November 1937 in Helsinki) was a Finnish painter and art professor. He is best known for his portraits and landscapes of the area around Koli National Park.

About the Soundtrack

From Hell is a 2001 American slasher film directed by the Hughes Brothers and written by Terry Hayes and Rafael Yglesias. It is loosely based on the graphic novel From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell about the Jack the Ripper murders. The film stars Johnny Depp as Frederick Abberline, the lead investigator of the murders, and Heather Graham as Mary Kelly, a prostitute targeted by the Ripper. Other cast members include Ian HolmRobbie ColtraneIan Richardson, and Jason Flemyng in supporting roles.

Trevor Alfred Charles Jones (born 23 March 1949) is a South African composer of film and television scores. Having spent much of his career in the United Kingdom, Jones has worked on numerous well-known and acclaimed films including ExcaliburRunaway TrainLabyrinthMississippi BurningThe Last of the Mohicans, and In the Name of the Father; collaborating with filmmakers like John BoormanAndrei KonchalovskyJim Henson, and Michael Mann. Although not especially well known outside the film world, he has composed for numerous films and his music has been critically acclaimed for both its depth and emotion, and he has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and three BAFTA Awards for Best Film Music.

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